Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Man Down

What did you do over the weekend?  Took it easy?  Well, I can tell you about the interesting weekend we had! 

On Sunday, Dustin let me sleep in - which is awesome - what is not awesome is how I woke up.  I was starting to "come to" when I heard this THUD and a screaming cry ... I ran out to the kitchen to see Dustin holding Drea - "What happened??!" - "She fell from her high chair!  I took the tray off and turned to set it down, then BAM - she scooted right off and fell face-first!"  Needless to say, it was traumatic for all of us ... but more so for Dustin - he saw her fall 2-3 feet ... poor guy.

I took Drea into her room and turned on her noise machine to help soothe her.  Dustin brought in a warm bottle and I fed her and rocked her until her tears stopped and she calmed down.  Then I began feeling her sides and face - as best I could - to watch her reactions.  She sat up when Dustin left the room, which was a good indication that her ribs were ok ... she let me tickle her nose and neck too, so I felt better about that.  Dustin called the clinic and explained what happened.  Considering she is only almost 8 months old and hit her head, they advised us to take her to the ER for further examination.  The nurse explained that it was purely precautionary and it sounded like she was fine ... but it was better safe than sorry!  By this time her & I were in the living room and she was bouncing on my lap and playing with my face - if you know Drea, you know this is perfectly normal!  

So we loaded her up and prepared for a long wait at the ER!  Luckily we got right into a room - Drea charmed the triage nurses and the attending nurse - then proceeded to wait for 2 hours until the Doc could see us.  Lo and behold he confirmed what we knew - she was, is, and continues to be PERFECT!  He told us how his own 20-month old fell down the stairs and scared him & his wife.  Dustin and I took immense comfort in this - hey, if the ER DOCTOR'S child can fall, then so can ours! 

We rode home with the realization that we created an indestructible child and have immediate plans for her to join the circus.  Kidding.  We were beyond thankful that she was ok ...

What have we learned from this?  Well, Dustin improved upon his "packing" skills.  Granted, she's on the floor here, but that proves he isn't taking any chances ...
Drea is fully capable of sitting up on her own now ... she occasionally topples, but overall is pretty steady.  As you can see, Dustin has us back to square one.  Not only is the boppy surrounding her, but she has 3 back-up pillows - just in case.  She sure is cute though. 

And you can barely see the little "egg" on her forehead ... I circled it for your viewing pleasure ...

I'm sure this is only the first of many-a-tumble for our little lady ... but I commend Dustin & myself for keeping our composure and not scaring the bah-jeezus out of her by screaming/crying/running around - which is what we felt like doing. 

Welcome to Parenthood!

P.S.  here is one more picture of her since she's so dang cute when she's all bundled up :)

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