Monday, January 9, 2012

Daddy's Back!

Contrary to popular belief, I need help sometimes.  Dustin knows this about me and over the years, has "learned" me well enough to step in and finish what I'm starting / pick up my slack.  Anyone who has this experience with someone, knows how awesome this is. 

This means he is a very hands-on Dad too :)  He does it all - bottle feedings, solid food feedings, midnight feedings, diapers, getting her ready in the morning, getting her ready for bed, bath time, keeping her distracted when she's cranky, making her giggle, making her belly laugh ... you name it!  Imagine my surprise when I have to do this all by myself for the last 4 days!!  I know - go ahead and say it - Dustin, how dare you get sick?!? 

Because I've been spoiled since Drea was born, I can equate the last 4 days to having your right arm tied behind your back and having to go on as if you don't notice!  Needless to say, it was rough - and although I can complain & whine with the best of them, this ain't no joke.  Dustin and I have a routine - a dance, if you will - that we perform 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  If she fusses in the middle of the night, I can tell by his shadow movement as to whether or not he hears her.  Since there was no shadow for a few days (he slept in the guest bedroom), it seems like my whole world was thrown off.  Dramatic?  Yes.  True?  Hell Yes.

I've mentioned before how Drea can mess with my ego.  This happened BIG time while I was mommy/daddy :)  She wanted my attention - leaning to see me from her play chair, squawking for me when I wasn't in the room and wanting nothing more than to sit in my lap while she played with her toy on the floor.  No matter how tired I was, this was a dream ... she likes me, she really likes me!! 

But now that Dustin is back in action, I am dropped back in reality.  Within 2 minutes of me leaving the house to go on a (much-needed) walk, he tells me that he had her belly laughing! 

Dad - 1 ... Mom - 0. 

I'm jealous and at the same time, THRILLED that he can get such a fantastic reaction from her so quickly.  What can I say, it's a complicated emotion.  :)  Yes, I can finally leave her sight without issue, but that's just it - I can leave her sight without issue!!

I know he really missed playing with her ... this is a picture of this morning - she was sitting up and talking to him about her toys (or something like that), but then fell over after a big exclamation ...

The picture is a little fuzzy, but what's not fuzzy is their connection - we're witnessing best buddies here, folks!  Even right now, she knows that she can tell her Daddy anything she wants and she'll get this - attention and love from her hero.  Whether it's a supporting hand (I swear he didn't push her over) or a response to her babble, Dustin is there.  He's there in every sense that he can be. 

Drea gets her buddy back. 

Dustin gets his buddy back.

All is right with the world ... until I catch whatever he had.

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  1. Andrea, you are such a good writer! LOVE reading these :) Glad Dustin is feeling better!