Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letter from Drea

What up guys - Drea here ... Mom told me she started a blog and I asked if I could add my two cents .  Bear with me - I'm still learning my words, so this might be a little "elementary" to some of you older folks.

Things have been crazy lately!  I am eating a ton and am starting to really have fun with my toys!  My favorite foods are sweet potatoes & carrots with some cinnamon on top (good one Mom)!  I did not like cauliflower or peas.  Mom kept trying to "secretly" mix them in with my favorite foods, but I knew better - I clamped my mouth shut and threw myself back in my high chair.  It only took a few times, but she figured it out.  Here I am cooperating (6 months old) ...

I love me some apples and pears too, but since I eat those in the morning, I didn't let Mom get a picture of that - my hair wasn't even done yet & I was in my jammies, come on!  Oh man - I guess she did get a picture of that ... well, at least I didn't have food on my face (4 months old here)!

Nevermind - she got a picture of that too ...(4 months old here too)

I got some really fun toys for Christmas too - wanna see?  OK - this is Mr. Penguin ... Uncle Buddy (Jeffrey) gave him to me and he's super fun! 

I also love Mr. Turtle - as you can see, he lights up - but what you can't see if that he plays music when I touch his lights!  I'm not sure why, but my favorite part of him are his feet - I love to chew on them!!  Mom took this picture when I was 5 months old ...

My Great Aunt Nancy gave me this really cool bouncy seat toy thing - Mom & Dad call it my "command center" and I think that about sums it up.  This is my first time in it when I was about 3 months old - looks fun, right??
As you can see - this picture was taken when my toy was set on the lowest setting (little yellow circle on the "leg" of the toy), but NOW I'm so big that it's on the second level and my feet touch so I can bounce really high and make a loud noise!!

I really love when Dad tickles me - armpits, neck & my legs are pretty good spots!  My feet are also ticklish, but I just pull away and give you a "look" to make sure you don't do it again.  Here is a picture of my good friend Lincoln.  He lives at the house where I go to daycare and he greets me every morning when Dad drops me off.  I was 4 months old here ... I wish I could remember what we were talking about since Lincoln is really funny :)
My other favorite person is Dad!  He is so much fun - you guys have no idea!  Here we are when I was 5 months old laying on the floor - he's really smart so he was showing me the squirrels & birds that play on our deck.

I like this picture because we're both in hats - I tried to switch hats with him, but he said no since I was only 4 months old ... 

Uncle Buddy let me try on his hat even though I was only 4 months old - he lets me do whatever I want!  I think it fits even though Mom said it was too big ...

Yeah, it's not that bad out here ... I've got a lot to learn, but it's not that bad at all :)  I've come a long way since I was first born, that's for sure (here I am just over an hour old)!

Til next time folks!

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  1. Andi,

    Very Cool. Great perspective. Great pictures. Lots of fun!!!

    Kiss Drea and tell her I love her more than fishing.