Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update Central

My company lovingly blocked blogs - I can't comment or write, I can barely view - hence the time in between posts.  Things have been moving at a pretty quick pace around here lately.  We're caught up - I think - but it's a never-ending race, that's for sure!!

Here's "Lind List" for you (these are famous) ... 
1. I'm in love with a blog - - she makes me gasp - agree & disagree - cry - think - and laugh out loud.  I highly recommend it!

2. Drea says "Da-da" in different variations, but looks at me and smiles when I ask her to say "Mama" - so it's totally on purpose - and that makes me both afraid and proud at the same time :)

3. We're planning a landscape over-haul in time for Drea's 1st Birthday party - we might just end up moving.

4. I had stitches in my ankle from a punch biopsy (aka - cookie cutter) - Drea only managed to step on them half a dozen times, so they were successful.

5. Dustin & I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on April 10th.  I can't believe it's been 2 years since making the best decision of my life.  I thank God everyday for him - and then a follow-up 'Thank You' to Him for giving Dustin Saint-like patience to deal with me.  My Dad didn't hand me off telling Dustin, "good luck" for nothing!

6. I might be going insane.  Or at least slowly recovering from it.  Call it latent post-partem, call it a bad cocktail called the birth control pill - either way, it ain't fun!

7. Drea "hustle" crawls, and we might enter her in a race - she's quick - and we could use the prize money.

8. She walks around furniture and I fight the urge to gently push her down since I'm not ready for that stage.

9. This is our view from the sliding glass doors in the living room --

10. We need at least 6 more baby gates.  I think that should do the trick.

11. This is a common look for our living room --

12. I love red wine - wait, I love white wine ... oh whatever - I love them both.  Dustin & I are not martini drinkers though - we found that out the hard way.

13. Thanks to Dustin, I am in a band.  Well, it's the same band - but now we have a practice night (like a real band)!  We've learned 3 new songs and might have an agent soon :)

14. I love my husband - adore my daughter - and tolerate my cats. 

15. Our next house will have a 30-foot high concrete wall surrounding the 10 acres of lush, green landscaping, pool, horsebarn and private pond .  Dustin agrees.