Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Day in the Life

It's true what they say - routine is necessary when you start a family.  They do say that, don't they?  I might have made that up.  Either way, we have a routine Mon-Fri and we try not to mess with it. 

Our morning starts around 5:15 and whoever is "most" awake (usually Dustin), begins ... shower, dressed, make Drea's bottle, hear Drea's morning cry/greeting babble, change her diaper & clothes, feed her 1/2 the bottle you made - struggle with her as she tries to sit up, lay back down, stand up, turn & flip around in your lap, play with the lamp, pull her socks off, try to "hold" your nose, try to "hold" your lips - overall, we just try to make sure she doesn't fall off our lap. 

The rest of the morning is a blur - Dustin drops her off at daycare and all I know is that I park my car and walk into the office ... other than that, I'm out.  I usually pick her up in the afternoon and we listen to music and occasionally talk to Nana on the ride home :)  Once we're home, Dustin takes over - he is the "fun" one - I am everything else.  Last night, for instance, Dustin had to "up his game" since she was sleepy/cranky so I could do all of the other 'household' stuff!  Nothing like cramming dishes, laundry and dinner into a 1-2 hour time span! 

The nice thing is, we do it - it works ... somehow :)  This would be my advice to anyone wanting to get married & start a family - find your teammate - everything will work out then. 

I couldn't do this without Dustin - and wine & caffeine ... in no particular order.  We take turns putting her down, usually around 6:30ish and then take turns getting up with her throughout the night.  Then the next day begins :)  I must say - I do like this routine ... yeah, I know we only see her for a few hours a day (and night), but we know she's spending her days with someone that truly cares about her ... plus, she loves daycare!!

We are lucky enough to have understanding parents & brothers, so we were able to host all of the holidays this year!  That meant Drea's routine got to stay the same (somewhat) and we were able to keep our sanity (mostly).  To end today's blip, here is a couple of pictures of Drea the night we took her to meet Santa.  Rachel from daycare, got her dressed before we came to pick her up so we just fed her quick and off to the mall we went! 

Pretty hyped up - not that you can tell from her expression :)

She was ready to get going - I wonder where she gets that from?


  1. I can't tell anymore who she looks like? Who do you guys think, or is she a good combination???

  2. Sorry, that last post was from me, Maria, but Alicia was logged into my computer!

  3. Adorable! And GREAT advice - you guys make a great team!