Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drea's World ... Day 270!

Whaddya know - we all made it to the 9-month mark!!  Happy 9th Month baby girl - I know you may not think so, but this is a pretty cool age!  Just think - you can sit on your own, but not quite crawl ... you can "sing" and talk at most decibel levels and we don't mind ... you always have the complete, 100% attention from anyone you would like ... and you still get your food mushed up! 

You, my dear, are living the dream! 

To top it all off - you do NOT have to get shots at your Doctor appointment today!  How do ya like them apples?! 

This morning, we hastily took your picture once you were all loaded up - I'm sure I'm sorry about that ... but you looked really cute on your 9-month Birthday Morning :)

I wanted to share a photo-story that pretty much sums up the evenings when we bring you home from daycare ... it is aptly titled,

"My Dad is More Fun than Your Dad"

My Dad lets me swipe at his chin - he is that fun!

My Dad lets me hold onto his lip to steady my balance when I watch cartoons - pretty fun guy!

My Dad lets me try to hold his eye and nose whenever I want to - he is so fun that he doesn't mind!

My Dad even lets me take a second look at his eyeball when he least expects it - how fun is that?!

Most of all ... my Dad always gives me kisses and makes me smile - even when I try to hold his mouth while he kisses me :)

I don't know sweetheart - I can't quite tell who is having more fun - you or Daddy?! 

What a ride these 9 months have been - Loves of my life.

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