Friday, March 9, 2012

Whoa Nelly

It's Friday - we're all looking forward to a relaxing weekend ESPECIALLY after last weekend!  That might be why it's taken me this long to post about it ... it was that big and I'm still getting over it.

Big Thing #1:  Drea started eating solid foods!  She loves cut up fruit cocktail & a couple flavors of toddler puffs - she "tolerated" green beans (even though she gagged dramatically with each bite).  By the time she was done eating on Saturday morning, she was covered in juice from the fruit pieces.  I mean covered - drying juice was crusting her eyebrows. 
So her & I headed in the shower for a rinse-off.  Just as I handed her out to Dustin, the shower got cold - ice cold.  Not a good sign.

We finished getting ready to head to the grocery store ... this was delayed by Big Thing #2 - when enticed with toys, Drea started crawling!!  She's got a bit of a hitch in her giddyup, but she scoots herself pretty good!  After we clapped & cheered her on, she got tired of it and wanted to stand.  So we stood her up by our big, padded ottoman and (brace yourself - Big Thing #3 coming) she took steps around the ottoman!!!  WHAAA???  Uh, sorry baby, but you're not supposed to do this yet.

By this time, the cold shower seemed like a distant memory ... but a memory nonetheless, so I headed downstairs to investigate (before Drea grabbed the car keys and took off!).  Sure enough, the pilot light in our water heater was out.  I bent down to read the instructions on how to re-light it and the first thing it said was to smell the floor near the water heater for gas - so I did.  Lo and behold - gas.  Awesome.  I called the gas company and they ever so carefully basically told me the house could blow and to evacuate immediately - without touching anything to ignite a spark!  So we did.  We loaded Drea up and drove around the neighborhood waiting for the service technician to arrive.  When he arrived, he took one look at the water heater and said, "I hate to break it to you - but you need a new water heater.  I have to tag this so nobody uses it."  Umm, wait - I would like to use it! 

Yep.  Zero hot water for 36 hours.  It was like camping ... in your house ... with electricity.  But $1200 later, we have a new, shiny water heater!  It is a thing of beauty. 

So this weekend, I would like to put in a request - more eating & crawling, a little bit more walking and LOTS of hot water!! 

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  1. The joys of home ownership, right? And nice work, Drea!!